What Is The Difference Between A DOS Laptop And Windows Laptop

What Is The Difference Between A DOS Laptop And Windows Laptop?

DOS and Windows both are operating systems that are designed for computers, they are popular due to their versatile functionality. 

Windows is a graphical user interface, multi-user based operating system, while DOS is a single-user character-based (Command Line Interface) operating system. Windows is more friendly, and it has a wide range of uses in modern times.

In this article, it will help you to know which laptop suits you better for your work. So, let’s take an analysis with me!

What is an operating system?

An operating system (OS) is a program which manages the software and hardware functions.

It serves to organise all the programs with the memory of the system and allows the user to perform tasks on the computer.

In simple words, it is a medium of communication between man and computer, which allows us to run successful commands on the computers. 

What is a Disk Operating System (DOS)?

DOS is known as the Microsoft Disk Operating System. MS-DOS is used for testing, automated service designing and much more work.

MS-DOS was replaced by the(Graphical User Interface)operating systems such as Windows. MS-DOS is a free operating system which means it can be used by anyone.

What is Windows Operating System?

Microsoft Corporation develops Windows operating systems. Windows gives the freedom to the user that they can easily customize their Windows system.

Because of the interface, Windows is very easy to use and understand. For businessmen, Windows OS is perfect.

Windows OS is a service Operating System which you have to purchase by giving bucks.

Differences between DOS and Windows – Explore With Me!

1. DOS

DOS is a single-user tasking operating system that uses low power and less memory as compared to Windows. It does not support networking.

Moreover, DOS is complex in terms of use and does not share time.

Furthermore, DOS is a command line operating system, Whereas the DOS operating system is less preferred than Windows because In the DOS operating system, multimedia is not supported, like Games, movies, songs etc.

In DOS operating systems, operations are performed more speedily than Windows operating systems.

There is only one window open at a time. It does not need any pointing devices.

Besides that, DOS is not widely used in computer systems nowadays.

2. Windows

Windows is a multitasking OS which consumes high power and more memory, it supports networking. It is simple to use, and Windows can share time, and it is a graphical operating system.

Therefore windows is preferred as compared to DOS because it supports multimedia tasks such as games, movies, songs etc.

Moreover, in Windows, operations are performed slower than in the comparison of DOS, and many windows can be opened at a time.

In addition, Windows OS uses various pointing devices such as light pen, mouse, etc.

Windows is widely used nowadays in computer systems, so their original version is expensive.

What is the similarity between DOS and Windows OS?

The most manifest similarity is that Microsoft Corporation creates both for the OS.

However, DOS OS was developed by the world’s second richest person Mr Bill Gates, and  Windows OS was also finalized by Bill Gates.

Moreover, installing and using both the OS are very simple.

Also, in the new era, the use of Windows OS is present almost everywhere, but, the use of DOS OS is also available in a variety of places.

Which Laptop is Better? – DOS or Windows

If you are an employee, student, or housewife, Then, obviously, you have a Windows Laptop. The reason is that it’s straightforward and effortless to customize.

However, if you are a hacker, a company that makes automatic systems, or an engineer, then definitely you can use the DOS operating system. 

Also, you can install it on your Laptop for free.

How to Install Windows on a DOS Laptop?

  1. You need a USB drive (minimum 8GB), Download the Windows 10 file from Microsoft’s website. Launch the file and click on the ‘Create installation media on another PC’ option. 
  2. On another screen, choose your preferred language, Windows version, and 32/64-bit program. 
  3. Click Next and choose the ISO file option. After that, choose a location for the ISO file download. Download Rufus 
  4. Open the application and attach your USB to the Laptop.Then from the “Device” dropdown menu, Choose your USB Drive.
  5. Next, load the ISO file and click ‘Start’. When it’s done, remove the pen drive from your PC and attach it to your DOS laptop.
  6. Turn on your laptop and launch the BIOS setup. Next, pick the ‘Boot Device Options’ from the BIOS screen and change the Boot device to your USB drive.
  7. Now, a Windows installation screen will appear. Select your desired options and install Windows 10 on the DOS laptop.
  8. Once the process is done, your DOS laptop will be converted to a Windows laptop.


1. What does a laptop with free DOS mean?

A laptop with a free DOS means it has a basic Disk Operating System for running the laptop. It is less expensive. You can install and customize any OS on your laptop of your choice.

2. Does a DOS laptop support Windows?

A DOS laptop should support Windows as long as it is not a 20-year-old device and meets the minimum requirements for Windows installation.


We have discussed some similarities and differences between DOS and Windows OS.

The main difference between a DOS laptop and a Windows laptop is that of user interface and multi-tasking. Windows offers a graphic-based user interface, Whereas DOS features a text-based interface.

Windows is the most popular computer operating system in modern times due to its versatile characteristics and user-friendly interface.

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