Is A 16 Inch Macbook Pro Too Big

Is A 16 Inch Macbook Pro Too Big? – Complete Guide About Display

Are you in the market for a new laptop but think about if the 16-inch MacBook Pro might be a bit too much to handle? Let’s swoop into the size debate and explore whether Apple’s larger MacBook Pro is fairly fit for your needs.

With its lavish weight of 2.1 kg and remarkable footmarks,the 16 inch macbook pro can be a good choice for some users.

Macbook pro is a great choice for those seeking power,larger display and performance.

Inversely the high-end screen of the 16″ MacBook Pro can be damaged for individuals with limited computing needs.

In this article we will give you complete instructions about the 16 inch macbook pro

Size of 16 inch macbook pro

Apparently too big:

If you are a traveler or always on the go then movability is your first priority so in this matter 16 inch Macbook is too big.

Moreover if you want a larger display or longer battery time than a 16 inch macbook is an excellent choice.

For further information read the complete composition.

Battery timing

Offers up to 22 hours of battery timing with Apple TV movie playback and more than 15 hours of wireless web access, thanks to its 100-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery.

Battery can last up to 1000 cycles but if you take good care of your battery than you can expand its battery life.

16 inch laptop good for students

Not good, A 16 inch laptop not fine for students due to its heavy weight, Students carry their laptops along the lecture’s hall,study group etc . Low weight is good for them.It’s only good when students use it in a home and not move around. 

They consider portable and less weight laptops such as smaller 13 inch macbook pro. In some cases it is big and not good but in some occasions it is good like just using it at home.

Here I discuss some more facts.

1. For entertainment

A 16 inch laptop can be the best Macbook pro according to its size,it is your perfect entertainment partner. 

Larger screens have a good visual experience which gives you the most fun.When we watch movies we need a larger screen to enhance our enjoyment so 16 inch is absolutely the right choice.

2. For gaming

Bigger display provides you better gaming experience,hypnotic viewing contact.Noticeable screen gamer can play games with full attention.16 inch is a good screen size and it offers an immersive experience.

3. Photo video editing

It is well suited for photo editing because it provides sufficient screen space for better visibility.

Bigger screen gives excellent colors,which grants a smooth photo editing process.

4. Business people

16 inch devices for business people depend on individual needs and preference.

Larger screen helps to perform multitasking,managing many spreadsheets,and graphics intensive tasks.In your office you mostly spend your time on a desk and laptop put on there so here size does not matter.

However, if you are a business traveler and bring your laptop along the trip then consider a moveable device.

Is 16 inch laptop too big to carry around

It can be difficult to carry around due to its heavy weight. A 16 inch macbook does not fit in train or plain seats which is uncomfortable to you.

Not easily fit in your bags,in the colleges and universities you take along your laptops everywhere and their weight makes you unable to carry. 

Experience traveling with 16 inch

If you need a portable laptop then a 16 inch size is not made for you. It is certainly larger and heavier which is difficult to carry.On traveling 16 inch size is not sufficient.

You put your laptop in a bag and carry it everywhere,your shoulders also become tired. However, a 16 inch macbook pro is not fine for a traveler.

Does 16 inch pro macbook fit in bag

 The 16-inch MacBook Pro fits in your bag and other larger carriers. If you use a bag, briefcase, or another carrier to pull your laptop around with you, probably OKAY.

Is macbook pro 16 inch portable

The 16 inch macbook pro is not easy to carry. The 14 inch is more portable and comfortable as compared to the 16-inch model. It is much bigger and heavier in size.


The 16 inch macbook pro gives outstanding performance and good battery timing,and the larger display provides the best visual experience.

However its heavy weight causes difficulties during the traveling time and for students to carry along in the universities.For a business person may be it is okay or may not as you see above.

While buying your 16 inch laptop keep your preferences in mind. If you are a gamer video editor or have a craze to watch movies then it is good to choose. 

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