Is A 16 Inch Laptop Too Big

Is A 16 Inch Laptop Too Big? – Let’s See! In 2024

It actually depends on your needs.Sometimes it’s good or sometimes not.

Like,If you need a large screen for work or entertainment, or if you’re looking for a powerful device a 16-inch laptop may be the right choice for you. 

But if you’re looking for a portable laptop that you can easily carry around, a 16-inch laptop may be too big and heavy.

In this article,we will discuss the cases which help you to make the decision whether you choose a 16 inch laptop or not..

16 Inch Laptop

16 inch laptop
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16-inch laptops offer a good balance between screen size and portability. 

They’re not as big and heavy as 17-inch laptops, but they’re still large enough to offer a comfortable viewing experience and plenty of screen space for work and entertainment.

The screen makes it further suitable for working with 2 windows next to every other.

  • 1 to 15 hours is battery life which is amazing too.
  • Overall,I think that the typing experience is good on a larger size 16 inch laptop keyboard.

For College/university

A 16 inch laptop is not fine for students due to its heavy weight.

Students carry their laptops along the lecture’s hall,study group etc,so the low weight is good for them.

It’s only good when students use it in a home and not move around. 

For Entertainment

For entertainment,a 16-inch laptop can be a great choice.

The larger screen provides a better viewing experience.

The more powerful hardware can handle even the most demanding games and streaming video.

For Gaming

It’s good,you can play Your favorite games on an outsized screen as a 16 inch laptop has.

There is a narrow selection of 16 inch laptops with the request.

If you are trying to find a powerful workhorse device,creative work,gaming laptop then 16 inch laptop is an awesome choice it will suit your needs.

For Photo Editing

16 inch laptop For photo editing
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It is well suited for photo editing because it provides sufficient screen space for better visibility.

Bigger screen gives excellent colors,which grants a smooth photo editing process.

For Business People

Larger screen helps to perform multitasking,managing many spreadsheets,and graphics intensive tasks.

In your office you mostly spend your time on a desk and laptop put on there so here size does not matter.

However, if you are a business traveler and bring your laptop along the trip then consider a moveable device.

For Traveler

If you need a portable laptop then a 16 inch size is not made for you.

It is certainly larger and heavier which is difficult to carry. On traveling 16 inch size is not sufficient.

You put your laptop in a bag and carry it everywhere,your shoulders also become tired.

However, a 16 inch macbook pro is not fine for a traveler.

Which Laptop Is Suitable For Traveling?

1. 10 To 12 Inch Laptop

Laptops with 10 to 12 inches are too small in size and easy to carry.

It is lightweight,slim and mini which is portable.

Moreover, you can easily take these laptops to your school and offices for your work. 

2. 15 Inch Laptop

Most popular laptop configuration is 15 inch.

it is unlike smaller laptops like it is not carried easily,fixed at a location and works on a larger screen.

This laptop is just suitable for most demanding tasks,a fully fledged notebook with sufficient  screen space.

Hence,a 10 to 12 inch laptop is suitable for traveling.

Does Laptop Size Matter?

Yes,the size matters the most and should be considered during buying a laptop.

Larger laptops have better screen resolution,powerful hardware and advanced specs making them suitable for video editing,gaming and photo editing too.

On the other hand smaller laptops are easy to carry and moveable. Eventually your best laptop size depends on your specific needs. While you are buying it, you must look around your needs.

16 Inch Laptop Too Big To Travel

Traveling with your laptops is a must when you are working,so a lightweight laptop is better portable.

Due to their big size it is not sufficient for traveling and difficult to hold large size and heavy weight.

If you are traveling through the airport ,Still you set your laptop within the bag you would like to require it everywhere and pull your bag along with you.

You might fit your bag under a small seat which is tough. It is not compact, it easily takes up people’s place.

Compact laptop is important because everybody wants to fit the laptop on your lap.

Here we have some benefits of 16 inch laptop 

  • Gorgeous display
  • Great specs
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent design

Also we have some disadvantages

  • Skin is shiny
  • Can be expensive


1. Why Is A Smaller Laptop Size The Best?

Best due to less weight.Tiny laptops are easily conveyable,many students and professionals switching to the smaller products.

Smaller laptops are not very heavy and fit in your bag that’s why a smaller size laptop is the best.

2. Why Do We Buy A 16 Inch Laptop?

It has a larger screen,which might be necessary if you do a lot of gamings. Your jobs and hobbies might benefit from having a larger screen.

The 16-inch laptop you should buy, its strong specs, gorgeous display, and its stellar design that’s both sturdy and portable, the 16 is unquestionably one of best window laptops.


In most cases a 16 inch laptop is too big but in some states it is fine.

If you are traveling it’s heavy weight effect on it but a 16 inch laptop is okay while you are playing games or watching movies.

For students, a 16 inch laptop is too big,due to the bigger size.10 to 12 inch laptops are good for traveling.

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