Is 128gb Enough Storage For A Laptop

Is 128gb Enough Storage For A Laptop? – All You Need To Know

Is it enough or not? Let’s find out.

Yes,128 gb is enough for some users. Basically It all depends on individual needs.

Not better 128gb for those who need a greater place to store files,If you want to store many large files you may need a greater storage amount.

Moreover,if you use your laptop for just basic tasks like checking emails so it is enough,it means the light users find it okay.

In this composition you will see more detail about 128gb plenty for laptop or not?

Defining 128gb storage

A gigabyte means GB,It’s a large unit of storage. For more and better understanding a MP3 song takes up 5 MB storage, smaller files like MP3 songs 128gb is enough.

More than 128gb is needed when you store large files like movies or heavy applications.

The number of pictures and videos to store can vary and it depends on size.

How many media files can a 128gb SSD Store have?

It stores many media files like video and audios and stores many more files with the help of internet connection.

The number of files that can be stored in 128gb depends on the size and format of files. if the files are smaller than many documents store while larger files store less in amount.

If we talk about photos it can take up around Mb space  so 128gb stores around 25,000 photos.

128gb for smartphones

In the modern time smartphones are widely used in the world hence every generation is addicted to it.

Consequently,Nowadays more applications are installed, hence more apps are developed means the higher amount of storage required.

For Social media applications,professional apps,kid’s games,study applications,business works apps, 128gb is enough.

Your smartphone works smoothly in 128gb without any warning option. Applications you use in smartphones can take below 100gb.

However if you install PUBG it can take easily 20gb and mobile full with games its enough for 128gb.

128gb for Laptop and PC

128gb is good for the users who can use the laptop or pc for only basic tasks.

Only the light users find it sufficient,the reason is that the laptop or computer applications are larger or have greater space as compared to smartphones.

More is that the laptop and computer’s simple games can easily take up 60gb.

Video editing apps take larger spaces.

Is a 128gb SSD enough for windows 10 laptops and desktop?

128gb is plenty for Windows 10 but it’s not a large amount of space,the operating system consumes about 20gb and other 108gb covers files and programs.

If you want to install a lot of games or use the computer for editing videos, 128gb may be insufficient.

Moreover, if you use your computer surfing the web to check the emails,word processing than 128gb is enough.

Is a 128gb SSD enough for a business student?

128gb is enough space for a business student if they just store necessary academic materials.

Such as documents,research papers,presentations as well as photos and videos.

How to check the current laptop’s storage?

  • Open up the “My computer” window on your laptop and look at the hard drive listed in the devices and drive section of your computer and laptop.It tells you how much space you used and how much was left behind.
  • Another way to check your storage is to use the disk cleanup tool in the system tools folder located in the accessories folder,this tool helps you to identify the folder which covers unnecessary space.

How to get more storage for your laptop?

  • Use cloud storage which stores the files online and approach them from anywhere.
  • Another way is to add an external hard drive. It can store files and you can plug it in and use it with your laptop or PC.
  • The simplest way is to delete the extra and useful materials to clear up space on your laptop.

Pros of 128gb SSD card


  • Smaller capacity 

If you don’t need too much space and store less data, it’s good to buy a 128gb SSD and have enough budget. It will  save your money and not be too costly.

  • Faster speed and better performance

It depends on the type of memory NAND flash memory and Multi level cell MLC  these two are slower than single level cell SLC so if you want faster and better performance than go with SLC SSD.

  • SSDs run cooler than HDDs. SSDs generate less heat


  • Limited storage space

Less space available for storing more files,this is not a problem for every user but business students need more space because they store more files even about ten thousand files so 128gb can easily fill up rapidly there.

  • Expensive than hard drive

Another disadvantage is their price because they are faster and reliable so paying extra for them.

  • Not widely available

SSDs are not as popular as HDDs have,SSDs are still relatively new.


For most smartphones, laptops and PCs 128gb storage is enough. Also sufficient for a business student because he uses just a laptop for basic needs.

Moreover, if you want to store more files or install many applications than 128gb is not good for them because it covers a larger amount of storage.Means it all depends on individual requirements.

Hope you got the answer by reading this article.

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