How to Fix Nitro Sense Not Opening or Working

How to Fix Nitro Sense Not Opening or Working? – Guide

This is a common problem that is caused by different factors, but there are easy fixes you can try.

Try to fix the issue of Nitro Sense not opening or working in the window by restarting your computer, Updating Nitro Sense, running Nitro Sense as an administrator, and uninstalling and reinstalling Nitro Sense.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide about how to open or work nitro sense.

Let’s start from the basics!

What is Nitro Sense?

Nitro Sense is the software designed by Acer, for their Nitro series Gaming Laptops. It is designed to monitor and control the speed of the GPU and CPU.

With the help of Nitro Sense, gamers can adjust their laptop fan speeds, heating system, and power usage.

This Software also provides real-time caution, if the system reaches its lower temperature for potential damage.

Nitro Sense is a joined software. It is one of the best qualities of Acer that gives users an excellent gaming experience. 

What is the Purpose of Nitro Sense?

Nitro Sense is designed for the Acer Nitro Series Laptops. The laptops for games are heavy and loaded with machinery and true GPUs (video cards). 

Due to the powerful processor and RAM installed in these laptops, they are disposed to overheating. Excess amounts of heat produced can also affect the lifespan and battery of the computer.

Acer has introduced this new feature of Nitro Sense to overcome the issue of overheating. It’s the main purpose of the Nitro sense that it allows you to control the speed of GPU and CPU.

Therefore, you can preserve the laptop’s energy by controlling the speed of your laptop when not gaming.  

Why is Nitro Sense Not Opening on My PC?

Many users complained about Nitro Sense not opening on their Computers.

The Nitro Sense app controls the temperature of the PC, and the issue can quickly shoot up into a bigger problem.

Most frequently, the issue arises because the old version of the software on the PC is not compatible with the Windows update.

Therefore, you need to install the new and latest version of the app.  

(Solutions of nitro sense not opening or working on PC)

Acer Nitro Series laptops come with Nitro Sense apps that control the performance of the CPU and GPU. This app shows you a warning when the CPU is producing more heat.

If you buy a new Acer Nitro laptop, you might find that the Nitro Sense is not opening or working. If you have an Acer laptop, installing the new Windows 10 can stop Nitro Sense from working.

The problem can be an easy error that can be solved. 

So, don’t go back to the older version of Windows; instead, try this:

  • Open your computer and go to the Start icon
  • After that navigate to Settings and Applications
  • Under the Apps, you will find Nitro Sense
  • Then Click on the app and uninstall it
  • Go to the Microsoft page, download the package of Nitro Sense.
  • Reset your computer and install the Nitro Sense app
  • Accept the changes made by the program 
  • Run the Nitro Sense app again on your computer.
  • Need to Restart or Reset the System

 When the NitroSense is working, due to some error in the laptop, it can stop working which we know is so annoying.

However,Simply what we recommend is to restart or reset your laptop and then try to open up the Nitro Sense.

If it doesn’t work, follow the next way.

The software needs to be updated

Sometimes due to the new software update of Nitro Sense, the previous version may get cracked. So In this case, you will have to uninstall the software and then reinstall it.

You can then rerun the software to check it works. If the issues are not resolved you can go to the Acer Care Centre. It will help you detect any problem you are facing.  


1- How can we download Nitro Sense?

You can go to the Acer support page then download Nitro Sense by entering the model number of your laptop.

2- How to install Nitro Sense on the Computer?

Download the Nitro Sense software from the Acer drivers. The files will be downloaded in compressed form. Remove the downloaded files from the Nitro Sense. Open the folder and click the setup. Run the setup. When the setup is complete, click the finish button. Now refresh your computer and start the Nitro Sense program. 


Acer has launched a useful Nitro Sense software in its Nitro gaming laptop,which helps to balance the laptop’s temperature.

However, the Nitro Sense is not opening or working due to the latest version of software not updating.

You can fix the Nitro Sense by uninstalling and then reinstalling the apps ,downloading the latest version of the app then restarting your computer.

Rerun the setup and click on the finish button.

Hopefully, Nitro Sense will start working with the help of these methods!

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