It is probably common to spoil something which you have been using for a long time.

Your laptop’s hinges broke so don’t panic! There are a few things that help you to fix it yourself.

It’s good to repair the hinges by using different tricks,some hinges are fixed simply by using glue while others involve complicated steps including the drill machine.

In this article we will discuss some tricks to fix broken laptop hinges.

What hinges is?

It is the mechanical component of a laptop which supports the weight of the screen and connects to the chassis. 

How do hinges of a laptop work?

Their work is that it provides mobility and makes it stable.It also helps in opening and closing the laptop.

Therefore a laptop hinge is made by 2 engaged pieces;One is attracted to the screen and another one to the end of each chassis piece.

They are hardly held together by the help of different screws.

Why do laptop hinges break and stop working?

There are many reasons why the laptop hinges break as

  1. The laptop hinges are frail due to mishandling.
  2. The screen is not opening properly or freely which causes hinges.
  3. The disposal is not working well due to a damaged wire connection between screen and chassis.
  4. The housing of the hinge broke into pieces. 
  5. The screw which holds plastic housing can be broken or damaged.
  6. The display cable may also be affected.

Can broken hinges be fixed up?

In a simple way it is just fixed with glue or a drill machine.It must be fixed up if it breaks out of a specific board.

The right glue can correct the damages and also stop using the laptop for some time,using the laptop in this way could cause more damages.

Ways to fix laptop hinges

1. Remember this is the temporary fixing

Use the friction pad which allows the screen to open and close smoothly, reduce quacking and use your laptop with extra care.

Another temporary method is to place a hard object.

Firstly you find the hard object that can stay solid in its place then open the screen and take the object and rest it against the object to make sure the object is not easily moveable.

2. Permanent method with affordability

Firstly figure out that fixation is affordable or not,The price of fixes depend upon many factors; 

Some factors are the intensity of damage,internal wiring ,laptop model and laptop age.

If you can afford a hinge fix then do not delay it under any conditions to stop or save from more damages.

3. Use glue and apply it on the broken part of the hinges

Take an authentic or best quality glue (gorilla glue),purchase the tube of gorilla glue, apply it on broken parts, allow it to dry then use it as usual.

In this way you can fix it at home if again the hinges of the laptop broke later then using this method again.

4. Moreover consult to the expert technician if you have no idea about hinge fixation

Another method is to take the drill machine you need extra attention.

To use it very carefully requires expertise to use a drill machine then  drill holes 2mm into the covers to assure that holes are from the hinge side. 

Now enlarge the holes then take some screw and fit it in the holes then tighten the screw 2 screw needed for it.

5. Deconstructing the laptop is the last way to fix the hinges; for this method you need to separate the screen from the keyboard base

Don’t forget the position of every component which you removed after removing it, repaired the hinge by an expert or fixed it on your own if you have greater experience with it.

Build the connections and check whether the hinges fix properly or not.

Replace By The New One

If you want to purchase the new hinges first of all make sure that you know the model number of your laptop.

Therefore replace the hinges by new hinges so, find the well hinges for your device from the stores.

I also recommend you order them from the manufacturer especially if your laptop is still under the warranty period.

If you have new hinges available next, firstly remove the battery of your laptop and disconnect the power cables, it’s good if you remove the hard drive and memory sticks also.

Then open the laptop base removing the screw from the bottom and keep the screw safely aside.

Take the screwdriver using its sharp end, raise the slope and remove the cover of hinges.

After that, disconnecting the display from the base of the laptop, opening and removing base screws.

At that time separate the screen,place the new hinges and remove the damage. 

One broken hinge aside and new hinges put on its right place which is essential.


1. How much does it cost to fix hinges on a laptop?

Generally, replacing a laptop hinge ranges from Rs. 900 – Rs. 1900 in India.

The cost may be higher if you need additional parts.

2. Why do the hinges of laptops break?

The most common reason is when someone drops the laptop while opening it. If the laptop hinge gets broken, then the display cable gets exposed to dust and dirt which can lead to incorrect screen output.


Buying a new laptop is not a solution because maybe you buy a new laptop then sometime later its hinges also become broken.

Laptop hinges are significant for a laptop to keep working properly and also give your laptop extra care means use it in good manners.

Open and close it smoothly because this device is sensitive so if any part becomes damaged, fix it quickly.

Moreover the fixation of hinges is complicated but if you follow the methods I discussed, it helps you to successfully fix or replace the broken hinges of a laptop.

I also suggest going to a professional or experts in this case. 

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