Cable Not Connected Acer Monitor Error

Six (6) Reasons And Solutions For Cable Not Connected Acer Monitor Error

It is really disappointing to see errors on the computer screen,not everyone is so expert to resolve this issue in minutes. 

Trust us not only you can face this problem so Connect with us to find the reasons and their solutions.

In this article we will find reasons and their solutions for cable not connected acer monitor error,yet you will  be able to solve this matter immediately.

Let’s get started

Firstly, find the error why the cable is not connected? 

  • May be the fault of hardware or software.
  • May be an error due to loss of connection between the cable and monitor.

So,make sure that your cable is correctly attached together.

Sometimes the leading and straightforward reason is loose wire or faulty AC power supply in this problem replacing your connecting cable.

  • Non serious problems include ;monitor is not booted properly,wrong cable in wrong port,the monitor is on but PC is off,poor power connections etc

And have very simple solutions for these issues like monitor booted properly,right cable attached with right port,if monitor on than PC also on.

Moreover, the main issues is like damaged cables,faulty ports etc 

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Trouble with monitor

Sometimes the monitor fails to pick the signals or troubleshoot properly,this issue is usually random.

Therefore the solution is very easy,simple and straightforward.

  • Reset the computer.
  • Disconnect the cables and the peripherals attached to the screen.

click the power button for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute to completely turn it off then wait for 5 to 10 minutes then plug everything into the monitor again,press the power button to turn it on and let it load.

I hope your issue is resolved now if it doesn’t then look at the other reason and their solution why the cable is not connected.

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Inappropriate output configuration

Cable not connected so error can also occur.

if your monitor connected to the mother board rather than graphics card,It is a factor who affect the error

Two types of graphics cards;

  1. Integrated graphic cards
  2. Discrete graphic card

Possible reasons for the error is that configuration is set to integrated card and not the video card.

  • Solution is to change the setting to remove the cable not connected to the Acer monitor error.
  • The configuration is wrong.
  • Video output configuration in computer by default set to Auto IGFX then you need to choose discrete option in setting.

Go to the basic input/output system setting Acer monitor to disable integrated graphics all together, you can find this setting in integrated or also in advanced setting option.

Choose discrete rather than Auto IGFX

Improper seating of your graphic card is not fitted correctly in PC chassis that’s why you face trouble during sending and receiving signals from and to the monitor.

  • Problems involving the wrong card installment or non compatibility with the motherboard.
  • If you check your setting and find an error so it can be that your graphic cards not seated correctly or properly,

To solve this problem, first check the graphic card compatibility with the motherboard,unplug the card from the PC system and reinstall it.

Faulty cable

Another reason for erroring is damaged cable. If the cable is broken then it is unable to develop a good connection with the monitor.

Here the solution is to attach another cable,if the error remains it means the cord is damaged,replace it with the new one.

Damage display output port

The display output port on the motherboard causes error, Connection can be broken by anything hampering or the port physically damages the outer side so it will not send signals and  you will see errors.

Moreover,Damage output ports can be replaced and removing the cable not connected error,however it is a problematic process.

We recommend that you do not replace the port at home otherwise it is risky,instead it takes your PC to an authentic repair shop.

Faulty display input port

Same likely to the output port,monitor’s input port can also get damaged,the shortage of input connection will show the error For the solution you can take it to an expert.

What if the problem persists?

If you have  surveyed all the reasons mentioned above and solutions,but the problem still persists ,Then contact Acer support or a customer support agent will be better able to identify the matter and suggest the proper solution.

If your Acer monitor in warranty period advises you not to open up your system,alternatively take it to your nearest Acer store.


Cable not connected Acer monitor error is on your PC system and has several reasons for it.As inappropriate output configuration,trouble with monitor,incorrect seating of graphic cards,damaged output or input port,a faulty cable.

You can find the reason and their solutions to remove the error but if  the issue persists then contact Acer support or take it to the store to repair it. 

In this article I hope you find the solutions to resolve these problems.

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