Are Cooling Pads Bad For Laptops

Are Cooling Pads Bad For Laptops? – Let’s Get Straight To It!

Whether the cooling pad is bad or good?It’s a common question, and there is no easy answer.

It depends on a few factors, such as the type of cooling pad, the laptop you’re using, and how you’re using it.

Basically it’s just bad for laptop elements.Now we see how it’s bad for laptop’s elements.

When your laptop is overheating, cooling pads is the only way to fix the problem temporarily or incontinently.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using cooling pads, and help you decide if one is right for you.

How does the cooling pad work?

When a laptop is overheating it means there is something wrong. 

So, the only way is to use a cooling pad,the pad blows a lot of air,dust inside your laptop.

Cooling pad is simply a device that helps to reduce temperature by removing excess heat.

Many cooling pads come with fans which provide circulation to cool the laptop’s internal components.It saves from damage.

However,the way you use it may be bad for your laptop.

When are cooling pads good for laptops?

In some situations cooling pads really benefit from their cooling functions.

Laptop with powerful hardware produces a lot of heat so the cooling pad helps to decrease overheating.

You use your laptop by putting it in your lap during this time the vents of your laptop get blocked and overheat so the environmental temperature affects the most.

Cooling pads just boost the laptop from the surface and allow it to breathe.

So are the cooling pads bad for laptops?

Effectively,they can be good and bad,depending upon the state.

They supply a great supplement for the cooling system of a laptop.

Moreover,it also reduces the power of the laptop’s fans

How to keep dust from getting inside your laptop?

After removing the cooling pad some of important steps must be taken;

Increase the spacing between a flat desk surface and laptop due to this air circulation becoming better and the air going out easily.

Laptop picks up dust particles immediately, so avoid using your laptop in bed and on a blanket there are dust particles which are going inside your laptop.

Avoid eating in front of your laptop and clean your work space regularly.

Ways to clean your laptop

You just need a couple of things like a screwdriver to open your laptop,paper towel,a can of compressed air,a clean brush and hoover,alcohol,thermal paste.

Here we have some advantages of using a cooling pad

  • It keeps the laptop’s internal components cool which reduce overheating.
  • Extend the lifespan of your laptop.
  • Also improve the performance of your laptop as its internal pieces work better at the optimum temperature.

We also have some drawbacks of using cooling pad

  • Your cooling pad is not compatible with your laptop; it may cause damage due to incorrect sizing.
  • Cooling pads reduce the power of your laptop’s fans.
  • Using cooling pads too long also causes your laptop to cool temperatures and result in malfunction.
  • Increase the surrounding temperature as heat is released from the laptop.

How do the cooling pads improve the laptop’s performance?

By reducing the heat;

Generally reducing the temperature of the system is the function of a cooling pad,which leads a system to perform well.

A cooling pad reduces heat about 8 to 10 degrees so the chances of thermal suppression are minimized.

Keep in your laptop cooling pad not improve the performance of a laptop behind its original capacity.

Difference between laptop stand vs cooling pads?

They both are useful for laptops.

Laptop stand is simply a stand on which you can use a well made surface for your laptop.

It gives the laptop better ventilation from the bottom.

It also offers you to adjust their height or angles and also put it where you want,so it permits you to stay comfortable while using your laptop.

Else a cooling pad also like a laptop stand but with some additional functions with cooling fans that blow air directly into your laptop.

It offers height and angle adjustments like a laptop stand.


1. Do laptop cooling pads actually do chores?

Yes,they do work,as they cool the laptop but not permanently,they only work temporarily.

Reducing the overheating and cooling down of the laptop is the basic function of cooling pads.

They lessen the overheating,So it means it works.

2. Are laptop’s cooling pads noisy?

The noise produced varies depending upon their size.

Due to their size, number and rotation speed of fans noise produced.

Larger cooling pads have more sound than smaller because biggest fans rotate faster so noisier than smaller.


Cooling pads lessen the heat by removing excess hotness from the laptop,decreasing the temperature about 8 to 10 degrees.

Cooling stands and cooling pads are relatively the same but cooling pads have some fresh functions and these two of them use to adjust the height and angles for comfort, moreover cooling pads also minimize the overheating.

Cooling pads have advantages and disadvantages too as you see above. Using the cooling pads is good or bad it depends upon the situation.

Hope you get the answer to your question by reading this composition.

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